2022 Community Needs Assessment

As a community-based, federally qualified health center, Cornerstone Family Healthcare is guided by the needs of our region’s most vulnerable residents—individuals and families that have historically been underserved by the healthcare system. Our Community Needs Assessment is a vital tool in analyzing the region’s shifting public health landscape, allowing us to explore both new and long-standing barriers to achieving health equity.

The 2022 Community Needs Assessment focuses on Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), a framework used to analyze the intermingling of health disparities and socioeconomic factors—including income, education, housing, race, ethnicity, and community.

To complete this assessment, Cornerstone utilized data and research from several reliable agencies including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the New York State Department of Health, as well as internal patient data and insight provided by our trusted community partners.

To download a copy of our 2022 Community Needs Assessment, please click the button below.

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