National Nurse’s Day 2023

May 6th is National Nurse’s Day, and the start of National Nurse’s Week. On behalf of Cornerstone Family Healthcare leadership, Chief Nursing Officer Luanne Palkoski-Behrends shared her appreciation:

“Nurses have a long and important legacy in our nation’s history. From the moment a patient walks into a healthcare facility to the moment they leave, nurses are on call, tending to every need, comforting, and healing to the best of their abilities and delivering compassionate care.

Nursing is a noble profession that is both rewarding and challenging. A nurse’s work is never done, and it requires a very special individual with unwavering dedication, a profound understanding of teamwork and the highest level of resiliency.

National Nurses’ Week gives us the opportunity to honor and spotlight the amazing work you do, day in and day out.

I applaud the nurses at Cornerstone Family Healthcare for the compassion and advocacy they display to our patients, for the skills they possess to properly care for our patients and for making a positive health impact in every life they touch.

Thank you to all nurses around the globe for continuing to make our world a healthier place.”

We salute our Cornerstone nurses:

Bethany Acosta, LPN

Meghan Betanzos, RN

Laura Bonacore, NP

Cheryl Briggins, NP

Adriana Bruno, LPN

Erin Carter, FNP

Marisol Carvajal, RN

Mariela Chavez, LPN

Roni Codett, LPN

Lihana Colon, LPN

Erin Conley, LPN

Leslie Cooper, NP

Sylvia Cotto, PNP

Jennifer Deekens, FNP

Kaitlyn Deyo, RN

Danielle Domenech, LPN

Sara Estes, FNP

Yvette Figueroa, NP

Deisy Flores, LPN

Cindy Flynn, FNP

Nina Foley, LPN

Braelyn Ford, LPN

Guadalupe Garcia, LPN

Liliana Garica, LPN

Victoria Gomez, LPN

Valentina Gonzalez Garcia, LPN

Jonathan Greenfield, LPN

Penelope Guccione, FNP

Briana Hagerty, LPN

Nicole Harris, LPN

Charoach Haynes, LPN

Grisselle Resto, LPN

Megan Higgins, LPN

Annick Kim Joseph, LPN

Alice Lerario, RN

Amanda Logan, LPN

Frank McDermott, PNP

Hugh McKenzie, PNP

Jennifer McLane, FNP

Karina Mejia Herrera, LPN

Nicole Mikula, PNP

Jennie Miles, LPN

Luanne Palkoski-Behrends, RN

Kristie Perez, LPN

Nakisha Pierce, NP

Wendy Rodriguez, FNP

Arlent Romero, RN

Chantel Russ, LPN

Areli Sanchez Lima, LPN

Evelyn Santiago, FNP

Theodean Smith-Lawrence, FNP

Koreen Thomas, NP

Sarah Thompson, RN

Nancy Tucker, LPN

Lauren Valentino, LPN

Lisa Vandermark, LPN

Cassandra Vaughan, LPN

Diana Vera, LPN

Lilia Watson, FNP

Kathrin Sally Wood, LPN