Are You Uninsured or Underinsured? You Can Still Get Healthcare

Per the U.S. Census Bureau, up to 27.5 million residents didn’t have health insurance in 2018. Coverage for healthcare comes in many different ways, but not for everyone. There are still millions of Americans that are either underinsured, or they have no health insurance coverage at all. Essentially, this means that they cannot afford the cost associated with health insurance itself, or the costs that are associated with premiums, copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance. Both the underinsured and the uninsured face the need for healthcare with resources and assistance in securing life-saving therapies and medications through patient assistance programs. Healthcare for uninsured people is thankfully available from caring medical facilities.

The Reason Why Health Care Access Is So Important

Not having health insurance coverage makes it extremely difficult for people to get the care they need. What does this mean for the uninsured? They tend not to seek care from a family doctor, or any other type of physician. Without care, chronic diseases and major health conditions only grow worse. However, healthcare without insurance is available. You can find a Medicaid friendly doctor that provides programs that offer healthcare for uninsured people and people that are underinsured. Medical care for the whole family is available no matter your insurance status.

Healthcare for Uninsured People Is Necessary

A healthcare center that offers patient services for family medical care is a true asset to any community. Their goal is to provide healthcare for uninsured people so they can get the medical services they need. How does this work? You may speak with an application counselor that’s certified to start the process. They will provide you with a health insurance application as well as enrollment assistance through the State of Health Marketplace. Different insurance options are available such as Child Health Plus, an Essential Plan, a Qualified Health Plan, and Prenatal Medicaid, Emergency Medicaid, and Medicaid. If you need additional assistance, that may be available, as well.

Healthcare for Uninsured People Extends Beyond Just the Uninsured

Perhaps you already have insurance, but the coverage isn’t enough. Ask about discount programs that have a sliding fee scale that gives you access to primary care services. Eligibility for this type of program is founded on poverty guidelines that the Federal government has created based on your income and family size.

Are you a privately insured patient? If you have a health insurance plan with a high-deductible, that could end up meaning you have medical expenses you can’t afford. A discount program with a sliding fee scale would be perfect for you too. You just need to be able to supply the documentation and verification in order to check for eligibility. Be sure to discuss all of your options so you have a great understanding of this type of discount program and how it applies to you. The ultimate goal is to make sure that everyone gets the healthcare they need whether they are insured or uninsured. Having access to these types of programs ensures that you have the ability to get the life-saving medical care you and your family need.