5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Family Medical Care Services

family medical care

Family medicine plays a critical role in the overall health and wellbeing of the population. In fact, one in every four medical visits is to a family doctor. These visits add up to over 214 million visits annually.

Are you coming down with the flu? Or a sudden rash? Or perhaps sharp back pain? For most Americans, their family medical care center is their first stop. A trip to the family doctor can help you get comprehensive care for you and your loved ones. Here are five reasons why you should consider family medical care services.

1. Convenience

Physicians working in family medical care centers diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of health conditions for all age groups and genders. The family doctor can provide medical care for the whole family including infants, teens, and adults. You don’t need to have separate doctors for your child, yourself, or your parents. Your entire family can receive adequate family medical care from one physician.

2. Accurate Diagnoses

It is not unusual for family doctors to see patients for decades throughout their life. The patient-doctor relationship built over the years allows the doctor to diagnose different acute and chronic conditions accurately. The family physician knows your medical history, family history, and happenings within your life. They can point out any changes to your health during your annual screenings.

3. Helps You Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

Unlike urgent care centers that focus on non-life-threatening emergencies, family medical care focuses on the patient’s long-term wellness. Your family doctor can carry out your annual health screenings. Periodic health checkups help you and your loved ones to avoid a wide range of conditions and ailments. For example, the CDC estimates over 34.2 million Americans are living with diabetes today. A family physician can prescribe the right treatment and help you adopt a healthier lifestyle while you’re pre-diabetic to reduce your chances of developing diabetes.

4. Recommend Specialist Services

Family medical care can help treat a broad range of illnesses and conditions. From time to time, you may need specialized care to manage your condition effectively. The family doctor, through their vast network, can recommend the right specialist to handle your care. The physician can act as a guide to the Hudson Valley healthcare system. The family medical care center can coordinate with the specialist’s office to ensure that all the relevant medical files are shared with your new physician.

5. Lower Medical Costs

A growing body of evidence shows that the use of family medical care can reduce emergency department visits, surgeries, and hospital admission. Most family physicians accept insurance that can help you offset some of the medical costs. You can find a Medicaid-friendly doctor in Hudson Valley. You can also benefit from cost-savings provided through the patient assistance program in the facility.

Family medical care can keep you and your loved ones healthy while providing an individualized plan of care for everyone. Are you searching for a family Medicaid doctor in Hudson Valley? Check out Cornerstone Family Healthcare today to find a family doctor that’s right for you and your family.