How to Find a Doctor Who Accepts Medicaid in Hudson Valley

doctor who accepts medicaid

Medicaid is the nation’s public health insurance program that targets people with low income. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimates that Medicaid covered approximately 75 million low-income Americans by 2017. Children account for more than 43% of all enrollees, while the elderly and disabled account for one in every four enrollees.

Medicaid finances approximately a fifth of all personal health care spending in the US. Sadly, the largely low-income health care consumers may have a notoriously difficult time finding a doctor who accepts Medicaid and in a reasonable amount of time. Constantly changing and low reimbursement rates in addition to administrative requirements for public insurances make most local family doctors avoid accepting the coverage. Here is how to locate a doctor who accepts Medicaid.

1. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Physician Compare

Medicaid is a structural federal and state partnership, subject to federal standards. States administer the Medicaid programs and have flexibility in determining covered services, health care delivery models, and methods for paying physicians and hospitals. Visiting your local state health department website should be the first step. Physician Compare by the CMS allows you to search a practice’s name, medical specialty, medical condition, or organ system. You can access a list of physicians that accept Medicare. Most practices also accept Medicaid, making it an excellent directory for finding a doctor who accepts Medicaid.

2. Online Directories

You may also find state Medicaid provider directories that list doctors, hospitals, medical equipment, pharmacies, and specialty services. Most directories allow you to input a zip code to help you choose a doctor who accepts Medicaid within your location. You can also narrow your search through various ranking factors such as provider’s language, specialty type, hospital affiliation, or gender. You may also learn about office hours, board certifications for participating physicians, and whether the offices are accepting new patients.

3. Partner Insurance Companies

States often contract health care insurers that interface with physicians, medical facilities, and patients to facilitate payments. You may need to find out the insurers that provide Medicaid benefits within your state. For example, the New York State Medicaid Managed Care Plan is offered through United Healthcare Community Plan. Contacting such insurers can help you locate an in-network Medicaid doctor in Hudson Valley.

4. Call the Office for More Information

Another way to find a doctor who accepts Medicaid is by contacting your doctor’s office. You can reach out to your family doctor and inquire whether they accept the coverage. Additionally, find out whether they are accepting new patients. You can acquire clarification and answers to any queries that you may have.

5. Do Your Research

You can request your friends and family to recommend doctors that they know that accept Medicaid. You can schedule an appointment with the physicians, having your card in hand. A quick search online for the family clinic can help you know if they accept Medicaid coverage. Community health centers are another excellent option to check out.

Medicaid programs play a critical role in availing affordable health care to low-income families across the nation. Finding a doctor who accepts Medicaid can be quite challenging. If you are searching for a Medicaid-friendly doctor in Hudson Valley, reach out to Cornerstone Family Healthcare.