Get Healthcare Regardless of Your Insurance Status

patient assistance program

At any time you could be facing an illness. Even if you are healthy, sometimes things happen that create conditions that require a visit to the doctor. For example, the Lyme Disease rash typically appears 7 to 10 days following a tick bite via an infected tick. You need to seek medical attention regardless of whether you have health insurance or not once you’ve noticed this type of rash on your body. Perhaps you have put off going to the doctor because you don’t have health insurance. What are you supposed to do when most medical facilities won’t give care without insurance? Seek care from a facility that offers healthcare for uninsured children and adults with a patient assistance program.

What Is a Patient Assistance Program?

Hudson Valley healthcare is available to people via a patient assistance program from their patient services department. The whole idea is to improve access to health care and provide medical care for the whole family. If you don’t have insurance in place and need to see a family doctor, speak with a certified application counselor who can assist you in applying for health insurance or help you enroll for assistance. You have many insurance options open to you in New York such as Child Health Plus, Qualified Health Plan, Essential Plan, Emergency Medicaid, Medicaid, and Prenatal Medicaid.

Does a Patient Assistance Program Provide Other Assistance?

Healthcare for uninsured people isn’t a myth. There are many options when it comes to a patient assistance program that includes food stamps, home energy assistance, as well as a sliding fee scale discount program for health care. Today, people of all ages need assistance. Medical facilities that are concerned with healthy living, want to make sure that their patients all have the ability to live a happy and healthy life. Visit with them today to learn more about the services they offer.

Get Access to Primary Care Services

A sliding fee scale discount program is in place from medical facilities that want to make sure patients who do not have health insurance can still access primary care services. The basis for this type of discount program is based on poverty guidelines that the federal government has established. The guidelines themselves are determined by family income and size. Speak with caring staff about this type of discount program so your entire family is able to get the primary medical care they need when they need it.

Do You Qualify for the Sliding Fee Scale?

If you are interested in a program based on the sliding fee scale, you should schedule an appointment with a medical facility’s patient services department. You will need to apply for their services and make alternate arrangements for payments. The information you need to provide to be eligible for this program includes valid photo identification, proof of household income, and either pay stubs from the last thirty days, an unemployment benefits letter, a declaration of income or a letter from an employer. Give yourself at least an hour before a medical appointment if you need to apply for a Sliding Fee Scale Program.

Are You Privately Insured?

Do you have a high-deductible health plan? Do you have to pay out-of-pocket for expenses over $2,500 yearly? If so, you may qualify for a sliding fee scale discount. You must provide the appropriate verification and documentation requirements. Find out if you are eligible when you schedule an appointment to apply. You will benefit from a sliding fee discount that is no greater than what is charged to patients without private or public insurance.